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Costing the UK economy an estimated £6 Billion per annum. You can't afford to ignore work-related stress.

Work related stress develops predominantly due to a person being unable to cope with the demands being placed on them. Stress, including work related stress, can be a significant cause of illness & has been identified as resulting in high levels of sickness absence, bullying, underperformance, staff turnover & other issues.


Stress can hit anyone at any level of a company & recent research shows that work related stress is widespread -  not confined to particular sectors, jobs, professions or industries.


It makes sense therefore to look after your staff, rewarding results, recognising innovation & keeping the key members on-board. Ensuring that your staff are content, focused & feel secure can be a difficult mix to achieve.


JamesonKelly is committed to working in partnership with our clients, to engage, communicate & act promptly & effectivly. We aim to create a synergy that encourages improved staff well-being.


JamesonKelly have worked with a number of companies & individuals across a range of sectors, we understand how to support, help & provide change for the better.


At JamesonKelly we have embraced and fully practice the Management Standards approach to tackling work related stress; these standards include a range of conditions that can produce improved health, well-being and performance with-in the business environment. It's an approach that aims to help people in areas of business where they may experience levels of stress that impact on them & their team.



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